Bill T BrownBill T Brown

    Cast in the showcase. I'm in a three minute scene with a partner. The show goes on April 8 & 9, at 8pm at the National Comedy Theater in Hollywood.

  • Star Trek (2009)

    Started today on Star Trek (2009)directed by JJ Abrams. I'm on this project for the next month. Film debuts 5/9/09.

  • Strange Man Music Video

    I play the lead in this music video for the band Toxic Waste( I play a soldier back from Iraq. The video come out in April.

  • Escaping The Norm

    Start filming Escaping The Norm today. I play the dad of a 17 year old who is figuring out he is gay.

  • 'WWKD' Screening

    Today at 11am 'WWKD' will screen at the Los Angeles Film School.

  • Star Trek (2009)

    Go in today for my FINAL fitting for Star Trek as a Romulan. I'm stoked to be working on this JJ Abrams film.

  • Nissan Commercial Audition

    Auditioning today for a Nissan Commercial. I'm auditioning for the 'Delivery Guy.'

  • Pawn

    Started shooting Pawn; I play an FBI agent. This will be my first IMDb credit.

  • Starting Voice Over Class

    I'm excited to start my voiceover class with Dan Balestrero; After this class I will searh for a VO agent.

  • Living History

    Last night I played a reporter asking questions of four 'Living History' people. The educational series follows a Caveman, Cleopatra, a Pirate, and Marie Antoinette. The Living History Four had a press conference about the show and themselves.

  • The Lottery

    I played the Lottery Commissioner in the USC film 'The Lottery.' I presented the winning 56 million dollar check to the winner on behalf of the Lottery Commission and congratulated him.

  • Cab Driver Film

    Finished filming my scenes for I play the "Neighbor 2" in the film and will get credit. This film will go to festival and will be ready for release in June of '08.

  • WWKD

    Just landed the supporting role of Marques in the student film WWKD.