Bill T BrownBill T Brown
small face Born into a Military family in San Diego, CA, Bill has lived in different parts of the country and currently resides and calls Los Angeles home. Bill always enjoyed being in the spotlight and quickly learned and excelled at acting by performing in local theater groups. Bill received a scholarship to College for acting and decided to instead get a degree in Business Management. Bill went on to have a successful career in Human Resources and gave up a senior corporate management position to pursue his love of acting and voiceovers. Currently Bill is taking acting and improv classes to improve his craft. In addition, Bill is working as a background actor in commercials, television, and movies.Read More...
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    Cast in the showcase. I'm in a three minute scene with a partner. The show goes on April 8 & 9, at 8pm at the National Comedy Theater in Hollywood.

  • Star Trek (2009)

    Started today on Star Trek (2009)directed by JJ Abrams. I'm on this project for the next month. Film debuts 5/9/09.

  • Strange Man Music Video

    I play the lead in this music video for the band Toxic Waste( I play a soldier back from Iraq. The video come out in April.

  • Escaping The Norm

    Start filming Escaping The Norm today. I play the dad of a 17 year old who is figuring out he is gay.

  • 'WWKD' Screening

    Today at 11am 'WWKD' will screen at the Los Angeles Film School.

  • Star Trek (2009)

    Go in today for my FINAL fitting for Star Trek as a Romulan. I'm stoked to be working on this JJ Abrams film.

  • Nissan Commercial Audition

    Auditioning today for a Nissan Commercial. I'm auditioning for the 'Delivery Guy.'

  • Pawn

    Started shooting Pawn; I play an FBI agent. This will be my first IMDb credit.

  • Starting Voice Over Class

    I'm excited to start my voiceover class with Dan Balestrero; After this class I will searh for a VO agent.

  • Living History

    Last night I played a reporter asking questions of four 'Living History' people. The educational series follows a Caveman, Cleopatra, a Pirate, and Marie Antoinette. The Living History Four had a press conference about the show and themselves.

  • The Lottery

    I played the Lottery Commissioner in the USC film 'The Lottery.' I presented the winning 56 million dollar check to the winner on behalf of the Lottery Commission and congratulated him.

  • Cab Driver Film

    Finished filming my scenes for I play the "Neighbor 2" in the film and will get credit. This film will go to festival and will be ready for release in June of '08.

  • WWKD

    Just landed the supporting role of Marques in the student film WWKD.